Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Costa Rica for a Month

So yes, yes, we arrived almost a week ago and it's taken me this long to set up a blog. Most of that stems from traveling the first few days to our current location, Playa Hermosa. Playa Hermosa is located just south of one of the big surfing towns, Jacco. Hermosa is a mecca of its own, just much less developed. The surf here is some of the most consistent in Costa Rica, there are always waves.

Sadly, the surfing here is all on short boards. The break is fast and steep, making it impossible for long boards. That means both Joya and I are struggling to get the hang of short boards. It's much harder to catch a wave on a short board, much harder to get on, and everything has to happen five times more quickly. This has led to many, many rolls in the water in the fetal position for me, waiting for the wave to pass over.

But, ever so slightly, I think we are getting better every day. We decided today should be a rest day after trying to go out this morning and finding we didn't have the energy to get past the breakers. All in good time.

Don't worry, I won't blog exclusively about surfing, more on Costa Rica and it's culture to come, but as it's what keeps us busy four hours a day, it needed mentioning right off the bat.

The picture is from today, a big swell is coming in. This is actually while the tide is going out and the waves are much smaller, earlier in the morning the waves were easily 10 feet high and breaking with huge crashes. Oh and no, that's neither Joya or I.. in our dreams.

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