Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Greener Packaging

Grocery stores are always fun to go to in foreign countries. It's interesting seeing what American brands have made it, what the local delicacies are, and just in general how things are presented and organized.

One thing that both Peru and Costa Rica have that I've never seen in the states is much more efficient packaging for virtually everything. From laundry soap, to dish soap, Windex to milk, they package things in one use plastic bladders. This makes a lot more sense than the way we see it in the states, where you get a big brand new bottle to replace the one you just emptied.

The real oddity is that these are often the exact same brands found in the states, so the product is obviously available. I assume there must be some marketing reason, maybe consumer rejection, that we don't see things packaged in the same manner in the states. That's a shame, because it sure seems like a good idea.

Oh, and much to my shagrin, the main grocery store here "Mas por Minus" doesn't sell either plain gogurt or Captain Crunch, so my favorite snack just isn't possible here. I'll have to settle for Cheerios and plain old milk.

Oh ya, and Merry Christmas!

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