Sunday, January 6, 2008

Wardrobe advantages of Surfing Costa Rica

The surfing lifestyle really isn't too bad. You get up in the morning, go surfing for a few hours, grab breakfast, work if you have to, go for the afternoon session then grab dinner. Rinse and repeat, this doesn't take a whole long time to get used to and one can understand how lives go 'wasted' doing this.

One thing that's particularly sweet about being in this climate is just how few clothes you need. For the lucky guy surfers, really only two pieces of apparel are needed. Board shorts and flip flops.

We've been here almost a month now, and there are quite a few locals here who work and live in Hermosa whom I've never seen in anything more than board shorts. And who can blame them? Not only do you have that much less to carry around and pack, but if you adopt this lifestyle wholeheartedly you don't even need to do laundry, just rotate which shorts you are wearing and let the ocean do the spin cycle.

Then again, it seems that having a hairy chest isn't very in-mode around here, so with that lifestyle might come a lifetime of either waxing or shaving. Hrmm..

On that same topic, I must point out that if you want to get a ripped chest and back, I know of no better way than adopting the hedonistic lifestyle of the surf bum. Unlike any other sport I know of, you just can't paddle half way while surfing. Take it easy trying to get outside the breakers and you'll never make it past them, take it easy while trying to catch a wave and you'll never catch them. The entire premise of the sport is based around interval training of paddling sprints, all the while supporting yourself with your abs and back. I'm no hulk by any means, but even after just a month, I'm toner now than I've ever been, climbing, mountain biking, skiing or anything else included.

So by becoming a surf bum you get to commune with nature daily, have a great tan, get ripped, never do laundry again and just generally have a pleasant attitude towards life. All that for shaving your chest once in a while.. Hrmm..


Ted Diamond said...

Doesn't sound like a waste to me.

Oh, and thanks for posting this just as we're all depressed with the short days up here in Seattle, and the drudgery of work. Why don't you just poke needles in my eye, instead? Tear my heart out, and simmer it in a nice compote of apple, apricot, pear, cinnamon, and nutmeg, with a sprinkling of brown sugar, and then serve it on a bed of saffron rice, with a dollop of yogurt?

Ted Diamond said...

Hey, this 'type the characters you see in the picture above' game is lots of fun! Do I win anything?

Eric Newcomer said...

I'm pretty sure Ted is the only other person reading this blog. I've been too afraid to post anything so as to not draw his ire.