Friday, December 21, 2007

Costa Rican Food

It's a bit sad, but true that Costa Rica doesn't seem to carry the exciting menus of other Latin and South American countries. The best food here isn't from here. Also, perhaps due to the weak dollar, eating here is not the $2 or $3 affair it is in other countries like Mexico or Peru. Food is generally just a bit cheaper than the states, you feel like you got a good deal, but not a steal by any means.

All is not lost though, one new staple to our diet is the ubiquitous "banana y leche", basically just a blended drink of banana, sugar and milk. Let's just say there are few things as satisfying in the middle of the afternoon after the heat begins than a giant banana shake. And yes, even ones as big as your head go down easily.

Most restaurants here serve fairly typical fare. Costa Rica has undoubtedly been westernized in it's menu far more than other places, perhaps because the local food isn't anything too special. But they do a good job of stealing the best from neighbors and so there's really no shortage of yummy food, just a lack of exotic menu roulette.

We found a fish taco bar in Jacco yesterday that brought this point home. This isn't really local fare per say, more something from Mexico, but it was tasty, every so slightly a deal and fresh from the sea.


Joya said...

It's important to note: while the dollar is weak and we're not making out like the Los Estados Unidos banditos we are, we DID get to sit in swings (yes, swings!) instead of the typical chair, while eating tacos. Pretty much worth every colone!

John Milan said...

Have you tried the Salsa Lizano yet? We brought back a few bottles we liked it so much.

I think it'll help your surfing too :)